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Other Projects:

Daughters of Hope Kenny Harvey Jordan Young

Daughters of Hope
Written and Directed by Jordan Young

Daughters of Hope is a TV pilot for an imagined series about two sisters, Eva and Amala Watson, and their adventure to capture the seven spirits they accidentally released and previously thought to be myth. A "fractured fairytale" version of Pandora's Jar- following the relationship of a modern family in a mystical and magical New Orleans. 

Directed by Connor Thomas

When a young boy loses his father early in life, he struggles with overcoming his anxieties and turns towards baseball to help him make his family proud.

Connor Thomas Swing Kenny Harvey
The Fleece Only a Pound Productions Kenny Harvey Alejandro Cabada

The Fleece
Directed by Jack Learner and Alejandro Cabada

When it comes to poker some get lucky... others make their own luck.

Holy Sinners
Directed by Isa Corrales

Two teenagers try to find a sacrifice thinking it will allow them to choose when and how they die to secure their place in Heaven.

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